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Food Lounge

Here everything revolves around cooking and baking!


I am very happy that you found my page!

Everything here revolves around our food.

I am passionate about baking and cooking and you can find all my recipes here!

From apple pie to zucchini, you can find almost everything!

Take your time and rummage around here, I look forward to every visit.

You can also leave me a message, or even subscribe. Then you won't miss anything!

Have fun on my page!

Your Alexandra




Alexandra Seidel

food tuber

food blogger

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As the first name of my site says, my name is Alexandra.

I am originally from Middle Franconia. I was born there and have been my home for over 40 years!!!

That's why I can proudly say, I'm Franconian from head to toe, body and soul, and Swabia won't take that away from me :)

because that's where I live now :)


I don't want to tell much about myself either.

Just that I'm a mom, a single parent and work full-time as a social worker.


Besides cooking and baking, my hobbies are photography. I love nature and everything that has to do with water, I like horseback riding, love  quad biking and am an enthusiastic rafter (rafting). 



To my website!

 Here you will find everything that has to do with food. 

My blog is a bit different than others, I don't write long texts before it comes to the recipe. 

This page is my personal cookbook!

My lounge has been around since 2014

and since 2015, there is my YouTube channel.

I started with baking
recipes, but at some point I also wanted to cook and for some time now you can find almost everything about food with me!

I show what I like and taste good and don't follow trends. I do whatever comes to my mind, try it out and if it's good, it'll be on the blog or even made into a film!

I run my lounge all by myself! That means: I create my recipes by myself.

*I cook or bake them by myself.

*I film them alone

*I photograph them alone and *I write everything alone      this blog/page.

No, I don't eat the whole thing alone *lol*. The family is large and from time to time the colleagues are spoiled by my boyfriend!

If you ever imitate my recipes, I would be very happy about pictures and feedback.

You can show them under the # alexandrasfoodlounge, or email me at!



Thank you for your message!

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